30 December 2003

Well it's almost 2004 and I've been painting a little. I've been hankerin' to fix up the site, but there's nothing like a little site redesign project to keep you from your art. I even had my friend Esther photograph me in the 'studio'. As soon as I get a few finished, I'll scan and get them online. I've also done a little work on the creativity discussion board. I hope to get that up and online soon. So start thinking about what gets you inspired to take that idea in your head and put it out there on paper, on canvas, on stage, on CD or on a pedestal. It's not so important what you do but that you do it. And of course I want to talk about it. Send me an email using the feedback page and I'll let you know when it's up.










15 May 2006

Y'know how you don't hear from someone in a while and you find out how busy they've been and it all makes up for the missing updates and calls and cards? Well, that's pretty much what I'm hoping for here. Last year I was finally able to get an art studio by subletting it from another artist. It was located at the Hunter's Point Shipyard in San Francisco. The Point hosts hundreds of artists and was a great location to get a lot more serious about my art. Unlike 2003, I've been painting A LOT! It took a little while to get into the swing of things, but I did and it was great. I opened my studio doors for 3 events that were hosted at the point. As a friend and fellow artist once said, "Nothing says I like what you do like cash." It sounds a little colder in type, but I will admit that having people come through to look at my art and, in some cases, buy it right off the wall was wonderful encouragement. I promise to update this site as it is my best record of my progress as an artist. If you want to see what I've been doing, please check out my other site, stephanierossi.com. Now that my sublet is up, I am without a separate art space. While I miss that, I am taking the time off to explore some new things, like Silk Painting and buon fresco painting. I've taken the workshops, so now I get to play a little and have fun. Don't worry, as always I'll update here so you can see how it all turns out. I definitely found it helpful to have a work space devoted to making art. So if you didn't get a chance to come out to the studio, keep in touch and I'll be sure to let you know when I've got a show or open studio event coming up.





10 September 2003

Wow! It's really been a while from the last time I've updated here. On the bright side I have started painting again now that I have both the time and the space to do so. Space is always an issue when it comes to being creative. The San Francisco Open Studios just finished and I was able to see not oly some great art, but creative use of space. I'm going to continue painting at home, but can see getting reasonable, both cost and size, studio space in the not too distant future.

Since it's been a while that I have put brush to paper, I am going back and doing some of the basic techniques I learned at the beginning. It's been fun, a good refresher and I am pleased to see that I haven't completed lost the "feel" of painting. I highly recommend this to others who are starting over after a long haitus.

16 August 2001

As requested I've uploaded more pictures that have been long overdue. Still have to get to adding the META and NOFRAMES content information to the site. I've also been toying with a search feature or index that will allow you to search for particular types of paintings. I've been painting again during this workless period that I'm in. I'm going to set things up so that those paintings will show up here as they are done and not when I get around to it.

30 October 2000

Back from a busy weekend of loading templates and working with forms on the site. I've added a sneak preview link from the old site for current visitors to check out the new look. I still have lots of pages to check and fix little inconsistances as well as add META and NOFRAMES content. I will also be tweaking images after the site is up. Things that looked fine before, look a little off. A few sections in the studio have not been added yet. I'll finish up that content once I've been able to give the whole site a good once over and replace it with the old site. I've also decided to leave the old site up somewhere as reference. I will have to go back and fix the image links so that both sites are using images from the same file. This will keep my web host from snarling at me for using an excessive amount of space.

24 October 2000

Well I've been busy designing new pages and navigation for the new site redesign. I expect to have it up with the current content before Halloween (specifically Halloween this year). In addition to a new look, I will also have additional information on the site to keep it alive in between painting spurts. Look in the new studio for discussions on how to find and keep your creativity going, no matter how you chose to express yourself. These areas are going to encourage your participation.

14 August 2000

Welcome to the first entry of the four o'clock site news I realized that there was no place to talk about changes I am making to the site, so I've added this page. I am in the process of redesigning the site. The basic black look is getting tired for me and I am hoping to brush up a bit on web design. I would love to get some feedback from my visitors on what parts they like and what they wish I would change. I can't promise that I'll be able to make the changes you request, but I guarantee an email response back. Also, I recommend that you sign-up for email notification on the main page. That way you can get an email letting you know when there have been changes to the site.